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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register to participate and can this be done in advance?

You may register on this website by clicking HERE. All registrants must self-register and click “I Agree” in the box labeled “Waiver” linked to the registration page.

2. Have you selected the service partners for the day yet?

In honor of the men and women that serve our country and fight for our Freedom, this year, EFNT Member Company volunteers will be led by and work side-by-side with military veterans to complete the service projects. This year’s service partners and participating veteran groups include Equest, Carry The Load, City of Dallas, River Ranch Educational Charities, The Mission Continues, and Veterans In Business. All service projects will be located on or near the property of the Texas Horse Park in Dallas.

3. Do I need to do anything in advance to prepare for the service projects?

No, but depending on your service assignment, your Recruitment Captain may recommend that you bring specific tools and supplies (hammers, screwdrivers, shovels, etc.) if you have them available. We will notify your Company’s Recruitment Captain in advance if we need you to bring anything with you.

4. What is the schedule for the day?

The schedule for the day is as follows:

8:00 am       Registration opens
9:00 am       Opening ceremony
9:30 am       Volunteers deploy to project location
10:00 am     Service begins
12:00 pm     Lunch
2:00 pm       Clean-up begins
2:30 pm       Closing ceremony
3:00 pm       Volunteer departure

5. Where do we park and is it free?

Parking is free and will be located at offsite lots near the Texas Horse Park property. Dallas County School Buses will be available to transport people to and from the service sites. PARKING IS LIMITED and we encourage use of the DART system or carpooling.  For more information about parking and transportation, click HERE.

6. Will I be required to bring tools, paint, ladders, etc. or will these things be provided?

See FAQ #3. We will do our best to provide all or most of the supplies, but your Recruitment Captain will let you know in advance if you need to bring anything else. Plan to bring sunscreen, hats, insect repellent, and wear closed-toe shoes, as projects are located outdoors on uneven ground.

7. Can I bring my kids and/or other family members?  Is there a minimum age requirement?

Freedom Day is designed for EFNT Member Company employees, as the primary mission of EFNT is to assist companies in serving as good corporate citizens, and build a sense of team through the common ground of service.  Participation is limited to Member Company employees, Freedom Day event sponsors/donors, service partners and partnering veteran groups.

8. What happens if I finish my service early?

Other service projects may need additional help, so feel free to check with the event staff at the registration area for an additional assignment.

9. What happens if I finish my service late or I can’t get it done?

We’ll do our best to finish it all, but if not, our service partners are very appreciative of any work that is done on that day. We may also schedule follow-up dates to complete unfinished projects, which you are welcome to participate in.

10. Does this event have anything to do with the Freedom Day run?

In spirit, yes – in activity, no. Our event is for EFNT Members and Freedom Day sponsors only.

11. Will meals be provided and if yes, what type of meals?

Yes! A light continental breakfast will be served at the Opening Ceremony, and delicious lunches with drinks will be delivered to your service site. Beverages will be available all day.

12. What happens if it rains?

We get wet!!  Work will proceed, rain or shine! Make sure you wear shoes you don’t mind being covered in dirt and mud.

13. What if I have additional questions?

See your Recruitment Captain, or contact EFNT.

14. How can I get more involved with EFNT after Freedom Day?

Thanks for asking! You can refer more companies to join our network of good corporate citizens, and encourage companies and individuals to make financial contributions to support our program.  WE ALSO WELCOME EVENT SPONSORSHIPS!

DART Lake June Station (Green Line):
6410 Lake June Road
Dallas, TX 75217

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