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Service Projects

This year we have several exciting, transformative projects planned on the Texas Horse Park property which houses two of our service partners, Equest and River Ranch Educational Charities, and is located along the Trinity River in the City of Dallas, which is another service partner. Below are photos and descriptions of a few of the projects and their locations on and near the property.  As planning for Freedom Day continues, we will provide more details about these projects and as well as any additional projects. Please note: pending permits, approval and resources, projects are subject to change.


Texas Horse Park, home of Equest and River Ranch Educational Charities will be the primary location of Freedom Day service projects.


Volunteers assigned to this area will be responsible for building a raised produce garden, appropriately named the “Freedom Garden”.


The teams working in this area will be constructing and installing seating along the hillside, facing the open horse arena.


Volunteers will be clearing this area and laying down a wheelchair accessible paver pathway from the stables to the open arena.


The volunteer team assigned to this area will be constructing a small access bridge that the therapy horses can travel across when water accumulates during rainy seasons.


The team working in this area will be helping install an irrigation/water line that reaches to the future home of additional horse pastures.


The group of volunteers assigned to this area will be clearing debris to make the pathways accessible and safe to pedestrians.


The teams assigned to the Trinity River area will be cleaning up trash and debris washed ashore by the recent flooding. The cleanup will prevent the trash from reentering Dallas’ beautiful waterways.

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