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What is Your Story? Who Are You Carrying Today?

StoryCorps is a public service organization that has collected and archived more than 50,000 interviews since 2003. They won the TED Talk Prize in 2014, which enabled them to build an app for smartphones. The power of recording stories is now available to individuals. The interviews can be saved and shared on

To honor Freedom Day 2015 and Veterans, we have created the EFNT Freedom Day 2015 StoryCorps Campaign. Participation is purely voluntary and your professionalism and discretion are required.  When you follow these guidelines precisely, you contribute to the success of EFNT and Freedom Day. You also help preserve memories and stories about 9/11 that will be archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Here are some examples of 9/11 Stories captured on StoryCorps: or

Step 1:  Download the free StoryCorps App:  




Set up your individual account. Think about who you might want to interview on 9/11. (If you cannot be present at Texas Horse Park, you can still interview people in your office.)

Step 2:  On 9/11, stop by the StoryCorps Room set up at the main headquarters of the Texas Horse Park.

A facilitator will be available to get you started on your interview. You can either be interviewed by the facilitator or bring someone to interview. The StoryCorps app is set up for 15 or 30 minute interviews.

Step 3:  Use the following prompts to start the conversation:

  • Where were you on 9/11 and what memories do you have of that day?
  • Whose memory are you carrying today? Who are you dedicating your volunteering to?
  • Why are you spending a day volunteering on 9/11?
  • If you have volunteered for past Freedom Days, do you have a memory to share?


  • Who are you carrying today?
  • What is your proudest moment serving your country?
  • When people learn that you are a veteran, what would you like for them to say or do?
  • How can civilians help Veterans and vice versa?

Step 4:  When your interview is over, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Name the interview (include EFNT or FreedomDay 2015 in the title)EXAMPLE:  https//
  • Brief description of the interview (include EFNT or #EFNT9/11)
  • Keywords (include EFNT, #EFNT9/11 or #FreedomDay 2015)

This step is the most crucial and will determine how many interviews we can locate in the archives after Freedom Day is over!

Step 5: The app will prompt you to take a photograph of the participants.

This is where your selfie skills come in! The photo will be used on the website as a visual identifier of the interview.

Step 6: Upload the interview to

You will be asked to affirm that the participants in the interview agree to have it published to If that is the case, click “Yes.”

Congratulations! You have just added to the “collective wisdom of humanity.”

After Freedom Day is over, visit and use the keywords: EFNT, #EFNT9/11 or #FreedomDay2015 to locate and hear other recordings made that day.  Thank you for participating in the EFNT Freedom Day 2015 StoryCorps Campaign!

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