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What is #22KILL?

#22Kill is a global movement created by veterans with a mission to:

  • Honor those who serve(d)
  • Raise awareness to veteran suicide prevention
  • Recruit Veteran Advocates aka “Battle Buddies”
  • Educate public about current veteran topics
  • Empower veterans through programs at Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. – a nonprofit focused on education, mentorship, and community service.

Veteran Advocates aka “Battle Buddies” wear the #22Kill Honor Ring™ –  a matte black band worn on the right index finger symbolizing the “trigger finger”.  By choosing to become part of Team #22Kill and wear this ring, you are committed to:

  • Research and learn about your local veteran service organizations and what their missions and needs are
  • Focus on veteran strengths and challenge negative attitudes around veteran “issues”
  • Advocate for veterans in a positive light in any platform you have
  • Raising awareness to the issues of veteran suicide, but following up with the positive solution of education and empowerment through programs offered from your local nonprofits and veteran service organizations
  • Believing that veteran’s are America’s greatest asset and you will strive to love them unconditionally

Naturally, people will ask you what the ring is about, and you can simply answer, “I’m a veteran’s advocate/battle buddy and it’s a 22Kill Honor Ring to honor those who served or are serving”.  Typically, this is where magic happens and the conversation opens naturally around veteran empowerment and how everyone can do something.

History of #22Kill:

Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. started the #22KiLL movement in 2013 after learning about the staggering statistic that on average 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day (VA 2012). HCC is committed to understanding the genesis of this statistic and continues to research and educate #22KiLL’s Veteran Advocates on how this number is derived. HCC addresses both the challenges and confirmations of data allowing Veterans’ Advocates to comprise their own positions. We believe this statistic can be misleading, but in the end one suicide is one too many. 22KiLL uses this platform to raise awareness and attention towards not only veteran suicide, but all veteran issues including mental health, unemployment, and challenges veterans face transitioning out of the military. The solution here is to empower our veterans. #22KiLL supports not only HCC’s Veteran Empowerment Programs, but also other nonprofit organizations, community events, and projects. #22KiLL encourages our Veterans’ Advocates to seek out other veteran programs local to them so that we can validate and ultimately support their missions.

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