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VETT(COMM) (A Unified Communications and Technology Solutions Service Company) serves as a channel between service users and providers to simplify and clarify the process by which an organization sources its needs for communications and technology.  Our approach is always from the budget perspective in prioritizing for relevant and immediate impact solutions; relevant to a business’ specific work-flow processes, immediate increases to productivity output, direct positive impact on budget and bottom line. For Schools and Non-Profits, we offer assessment services at no cost (Information is power).

Communications and utility services frame the backbone of every business. For the uninformed, these services are disguisedly responsible for generous amounts of lost or unproductive work hours with associated costs that run into the thousands of dollars and upwards annually; even for the smallest of organizations. VETT(COMM) empowers organizations with a simple detailed picture of their complete environment that allows them to make the most informed decisions in sourcing communications or related technology needs.

We “VETT” everything. It’s how we communicate.

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