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Hazel’s Hot Shot has had a wonderful experience working with CFT!  Rather than hiring someone to organize volunteer events within our company, we have leveraged CFT to help structure our outreach.  Through their efforts, this program has improved our company culture, improved teamwork in the office and provided a great opportunity for our employees to give back to the community.  During the volunteer Plug N’ Play events, our team has spent time working side by side to help several different organizations including Community Partners of Dallas, the Food Bank, and Minnie’s Food Pantry.  We have continued to build on several of the nonprofit relationships we’ve built through CFT by providing pro-bono services to multiple organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program and Community Partners of Dallas.

Most recently, our staff participated in Freedom Day, which proved to be incredibly beneficial.  Hazel’s had five contract drivers volunteer to deliver supplies from Home Depot to multiple volunteer sites.  Meanwhile, several of our employees and drivers were part of the effort to repair and paint the Day Care Center at the Dallas VA Medical Center.  To have CFT’s services right at our company’s fingertips is invaluable.  It introduces companies like Hazel’s to the organizations, schools and non-profits who need volunteers. CFT has truly helped us to do good – better!

Hazel’s Hot Shot
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