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Our Community Knowledge

Working with both donors and nonprofits and awarding more than 5,000 grants per year, we have deep knowledge of the North Texas community. Our breadth of community knowledge comes from several channels:

Regularly assessing 3,000+ nonprofits

  • Annually assessing the nonprofits in the community and making over 5,000 grants per year
  • Vetting over 500 organizations to be published in the annual Giving Guide, designed to connect nonprofit needs with charitable community members
  • Managing North Texas Giving Day, an event with over 2,500 nonprofits

Advising on giving and volunteering

  • Counseling with individuals, families and companies to create personalized giving plans

Focusing on special issues

  • Our Community Impact Grants focus on low-income, working families, and the pipeline of high quality teachers and school leaders, which gives us an extraordinary depth of knowledge and expertise in these areas
  • Operating Educate Texas: an innovative alliance of public and private organizations that work collectively to improve the Texas public education system
  • Organizing corporate service projects and supply drives through CFT for Business
  • Funding transformational projects in the areas of public safety, education and scientific and medical research from the W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation at CFT

Convening key parties to learn about and solve pressing issues

  • We work in partnership with nonprofit leaders, business leaders and government leaders to help identify and address key community challenges.
  • The CFT Philanthropy team is active in the community performing research through site visits with nonprofits on a regular basis.


“When I think about CFT, I think about a kitchen table. In a home, you bring your problems and you bring your resources to solve those problems to the kitchen table. For our community, CFT is just like that. It’s not only the money on the table, it really is the ideas, the strategy, the initiatives, looking at it from all different sides and bringing the expertise and the people together that could solve that problem. One thing you can say about Communities Foundation is you know that they’re here. They’re rock solid; they’re here every day. And they’re here for advice; they’re here for bringing resources together; they’re here for just bringing the right people in the room so you can figure out what the next step is.” – Jan Pruitt, former CEO of North Texas Food Bank

For more information, contact:
Sejal Desai | Business Engagement Director |  214-750-4239
Vickie Yakunin | Business Relations Director |  214-346-5505

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